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We are excited to announce that we have a big variety of stalls to cater for all your needs!


A total of 76 stalls at the 2nd Kouga Humansdorp Lentefees. 

38 Arts, crafts and bespoke market stalls 

19 Food Stalls

19 Expo Stalls

The intention of the Kouga Humansdorp Lentefees is to attract the Kouga community (including Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, St Francis Bay, Patensie and Kareedouw) as a whole and this certainly is a all ages sporting, agricultural and cultural highlight on the Kouga community’s event calendar. Given the success of our first festival, we would like to encourage our local food as well as arts & craft vendors as well as businesses to become part of our growing family. 

We have made some exciting changes to the festival layout, extended trading hours and we are currently planning some additional activities on the Lentefees terrain. 

Have any questions for our stalls committee?

Yvonne Bierman

Queries and Administration

072 124 7366

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Where to stay while attending the Lentefees?